How we edit our photos

Hello Everyone! We have had a number of enquiries about how we take and edit our photos on Instagram, and we thought it would be easier for you to see and understand on here then us trying to explain it via DM or comments on Instagram. And so without further ado let’s begin!

First of all, for all of our photos we use the Canon EOS 100D camera (to view press the link below…)

This Camera is small and relatively cheap for a DSLR camera, great for amateur photographers. We have used this for years and is still as good as when we bought it. We never take photos on Iphone as the quality is never as good – even if it might save us time. When taking the photos we put it on the sunset setting, just to put a yellowish tint on the photo – as most of our sets are grey tones. This then warms up the photo and adds a more cosy glow. Once we have taken our photos (we take them in bulk, a week in advance as we both work full time) we upload them to our laptop and them email them to our web address on our Iphone/iPad. From there we will edit our photos on Apps on our Iphone.

We use VSCO’s M5 filter for our base filter and turn the dial to 9. Hopefully the picture on the right will show you what I mean here.

We then send the photo over to the app Snaimg_2845pseed where we press TOOLS – DRAMA – BRIGHTEN 1. This will then wash the photo out and make it very bright and warm toned. See the photo on the left.

Still using Snapseed go to TOOLS – BRUSHES – EXPOSURE. We then darken areas of the photo we want darker mainly using -0.7 but it can be lower or higher depending on the lighting and props we are using. (See picture on the right).

And that’s it! We will occasionally dim the corners with the Instagram edit features, but very rarely. As you can see it is a long and tedious journey from the camera to the final photo, but we think it is worth the effort! Let us know what you think! We hope this helps and it’s clear enough for you to understand. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “How we edit our photos

  1. I agree, I think it’s worth the effort. Pictures look clean, beautiful and keen to eyes, so even tho there are a lot of objects, it doesn’t feel crowded.
    Keep up the beautiful work!


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