Spoiler Free Review: Food Illusions: Vol 1 by Chef Ben Churchill

Hey Guys! It’s been a while since we have posted anything – unfortunately life has been hectic at the moment due to Star moving house and Fleur being ill. However, when we saw this review request by @chefbenchurchill and with Star’s brand new kitchen we couldn’t say no! This cookbook takes cooking to a whole new level and has brought many laughs to the kitchen. Here is a summary of what you can expect:

“Food Illusions vol. 1 is the highly anticipated debut book from Chef Ben Churchill, the “food illusionist” including some of his most famous recipes in full! You may be familiar with his work from facebook or instagram (www.facebook.com/thefoodillusionist) where he makes stunning desserts that trick the mind, his food illusions. Here he explains the processes, methods and techniques behind some of his most famous dishes such as the carrot shaped carrot cake 2.0 and the chocolate throne. Read his ethos, his thoughts and discover his way of working as he teaches you how to begin your journey into food illusion desserts. Suitable for both the amateur and professional cook, with easy to follow recipes and methods, you’ll be creating stunning desserts in no time.”

We have tried a few of these recipes and boy are we bad at baking! Although the steps are simple and easy to understand and the pictures are helimg_9878pful (and may I add – stunning!) we just don’t have the natural gift of cooking, or the time – as some of the recipes require hours of preparation. However, with Star’s new kitchen we look forward to trying more recipes and practising these awesome meals. Our personal favourites are ‘the chocolate Throne’ (perfect for Game of Thrones fans!) and ‘Gingerbread Igloo’, not only do they look absolutely breath taking, they are so tasty!!!

As many of you know from our Instagram feed, we definitelyimg_9883.jpg have a sweet tooth (and yes I know I am much worse than Star lol) so we are super excited to try the Coffee and Walnut cake, though we may have to get our other sister to make it as she is much better at baking. (Our last attempt resulted in disaster). Finally, ‘The Chocolate Brownie Tree’ definitely has our name on it – this will be the one that we are dedicated to get right in the future!

So if you want to bring some fun to your kitchen and make some edible art, this is the cookbook for you. These enjoyable recipes will change the way you view your cooking and renew your love of baking. I know that we will definitely be having fun spending our snow days making these cosy treats! We highly recommend you pick up this book if you feel like challenging yourself in the kitchen! Click the link below to see more!


Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed our culinary challenge and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!